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I can't thank you enough for your help and support through this process. You've been there for me at multiple challenging times in my life and I really appreciate everything. N. Mrose - April 2021

Thanks for your time, energy and effort in selling our Wood Acres house. You went above and beyond at every turn! E.B. McLindon - October 2018

Matt, thank you again for the superior job you did in walking me through the entire sale process. You not only did the paper work, the brilliant negotiating, you helped with the contractors in getting the place ready. I was so proud of the way the house looked when I did my last walk through. It so clean and fresh. It truly reflected the wonderful image of the "HOME" we will always associate with 33 years of family bliss. Anne Spratt - April 2017

You were and are an absolute pleasure to work with. We are so excited about our move to this new house and truly could not have found such a perfect house for us without you. Thank you for all your help this past year. We really appreciate all that you have done for us. We both feel very lucky to have met such a trustworthy, honest and just all around good guy. Molly & Chris Fisher/Bethesda - June 2016

Your performance over the past six months, while selling our house in Cabin John, warrants the equivalent - in baseball terms - of the MVP Award.

Always available, always with full attention to details, always available and good-spirited, and always with clear thinking advice and guidance. Your knowledge and many years of experience were on full display throughout.

And, this of course, is the third house you have bought or sold for us over the past 14 years. Each time the experience and results have been the same: success and satisfaction.

So thanks for a job well done again. Liz & Al Vecchione - April 10, 2016

Dear Matthew, Thank you. Richard and I are grateful and appreciative for all you did for us during the process of selling our beloved home. Your expert knowledge and experience continually shone through. We trusted and depended on your professional advice, direction and actions. Thank you. You made a difference. Paula & Rich Kaplan - 2014

Matthew Maury provided top-notch advice, counsel and services when we sold our house in Bethesda in early 2014. At every stage of the process -- the initial listing, the choreography of contractors and handymen to help us get the home ready for sale on a tight timetable, the open house, his relating to his colleagues in the broker community, the handling of paperwork and execution of contracts -- Matthew performed efficiently, reliably and in a completely no-nonsense manner that suited us to a tee. We never felt he sugar-coated anything he told us, and he never wasted our time with nonsense. He did a great job advising us on the sale price and sharing his vast knowledge about marketing and deal execution in the area where he has focused his practice for so many decades. Bottom line? It only took nine days and one open house for us to shift from listing sellers to pending sellers. To anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the Bethesda area, I strongly recommend Matthew for his impressive experience, knowledge of his lifelong hometown, his skills and reputation in the Bethesda area market and, most of all, his directness and candor. Av and Lisa Goldstein - 2014

Now that the dust is settling I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for your incredible support, advice and guidance over the last weeks and months to bring the sale of the house to a successful conclusion. My wife has remarked to me that " you were worth every cent of the fees" and I can only echo this sentiment! 20816 is very popular with my colleagues at the World Bank and the Monetary Fund and I will gladly tell people that it pays to get you and your office involved should they ever consider buying in the wider neighborhood. Klaus Rohland - September 2013

Thanks for another skillfully managed transaction/sale for us. It is always a pleasure working with you and seeing your wise, ethical, competence in action. It's nice to be settled back in NY, but we miss Bethesda. With admiration and appreciation. Tim Geithner - 2013

Not only did you take over the project with gusto as soon as you had been retained, you went above and beyond what could reasonably have expected of any broker in sizing up the problems, immediately getting the house in outstanding condition for showing and on the market, helping my brother, keeping me informed, and in general acting as a confidante as well as a reliable professional. Derek Hunt, Superior Court Judge, State of California - 2013

I have been meaning to thank you and Sue Bader for being steadfast "beacons" in our lives for so so many years, managing and counseling on the properties we own. And matching good tenants to our houses and being there in the "pinch" times of need. Stuart and Maury is wonderful to work with! Andrea - 2013

And thanks again for your impressive work reaching settlement on 7622 Winterberry Place. I never dreamed the process would be as painless to me as you made it (all I had to do was say YES). I appreciate all you did to make it happen, and you may be sure I am only to happy to recommend your services to anyone who asks.Charles Saunders Jr. - January 2014

Dear Matthew...If I listed all that you did for this last adventure -- I am sure I would leave many things out. The list would start with finding the perfect place for me (even while I was vague about what I wanted), getting me through the process (even when I was crazed), getting more for my condo than I expected, answering with great patience all my questions - and when I didn't ask -- making sure I understood whatever it was anyway, being exactly right about pricing, skillfully negotiating the sale of my condo for more than I thought I would get and the purchase of my new house...Read the full letter Stephanie Kennan - December 6, 2012

Dear Matthew, It's about time I get back on track and thank you again for your professional skill - which I expected - in selling 5812 Devonshire - for our family, several months ago. You are a whiz in what you do and an uncomparable souce of information in your trade, and then some. Enjoy life, Godspeed and thanks. Jack Bowersox - September 9, 2012

Thank you for your guidance, patience and professionalism in helping Carolyn and me with our recent move from Green Acres to Wood Acres. We konw our transaction was not easy, but we felt 100% confident and comfortable through the entire process. As a businessman, I learned a number of things from watching you operate that will make me better at my job. You are a true professional! Not only will I happily refer people to you, I will actively look for people to send your way. Keep in touch. Matthew Carroccio - April 1, 2012

Dear Matthew, We were one of the households in jeopardy of losing the Homestead Exemption, thank you for the informative notice, we jumped on it right away and called the number and received our "access code" via email. We would have missed out big time if not for your due diligence. We thank you again! Michael and Katch Tarone. Bethesda, MD - April, 2012

I have used you as an example to my kids of how a person runs a business successfully: Know your business inside and out (literally), know the market better than your competitors, pay attention to the details, return calls promptly, don't be greedy, tell people (diplomatically) the truth, even if it's not exactly what they want to hear, don't assume anyone's business or question is unimportant. No MBA program would be more effective than following you around to see how it's done. The newsletters are really icing on the cake. Your letters really are masterpieces of the genre. They ought to use them in business school. Lots of excellent data, presented in an engaging, thought provoking way. Every time I read one, I say to Tricia "I can't see how anyone in his right mind would list a house with anyone other than Matthew in this neighborhood." I'm pleased to have made our modest contributions to that half billion in sales - good for you, good for us. Walter W. Bardenwerper, Vice President & General Counsel, Watson Wyatt Worldwide - January 23, 2009

Good Morning, Matt. Earlier this week your Dad was kind enough to drop off a copy of your Wood Acres Newsletter. Allow me to contact you again today with the HIGHEST compliment for a marvelous presentation of a very detail and accurate outline of the Real Estate World in Montgomery County's Bethesda-Chevy Chase communities. You have a great way of presenting the 'facts' and IF I were a competitor of yours...I would dam-well know you are a HOME-RUN-HITTER!!! I look forward to shaking your hand in person soon to repeat what I am sending you. My best... Jack Leachman

We had planned to sell our house ourselves before we talked with you (we have sold houses ourselves several times before). Our house was in great shape and we knew that it would go fast, but we were hoping to get some good advice on current market conditions from you. Before we met, you had already done your homework and it was obvious that you knew the selling conditions in our neighborhood very well. Together we worked up a marketing plan for our house that made great sense to us and we decided to list with you.

You sold our house yourself immediately, but there were a number of issues that required your professional experience and judgment, and you handled these quickly and efficiently. In the end, we were very happy that we decided to have you list our house; it made our impending move almost stress free. Steven and Barbara Petersen

We deeply appreciate all that you did for us regarding the sale of our 6003 Corbin Road home. We always felt we were indeed in very good hands! You were Great! Many thanks. Superior Court Judge George Goodrich and Nancy Goodrich, Bethesda, Md.

Now that it's all over, Bing and I want to thank you ever so much for being "the perfect agent" for our Beacon Hill property. You certainly led us well through the unfamiliar world of real estate - whenever a need arose - you 'waved a wand' and produced it. ...Bing, Barb, Elise, Annalee, and Amy join me in many more thank yous." Capt. & Mrs. Robert Gillette, Chevy Chase, Md.

Both Marguerite and I are really appreciative for all you've done. The whole process couldn't have gone better if I dreamed it up myself. Each and every step of the way you've guided us as if we were part of your family. From the first Wood Acres tour to showing us what would be our new house to recommending Steve, Dan, George, and George, you've gone the extra mile for us. Words really can't describe how happy we are. And we owe it all to you. We are very much looking foward to raising a family in that wonderful community. When I hear and read all those horror stories about folks getting taken advantage of during the home buying/selling process, I just sit back and say THANK YOU, MATTHEW. Eric and Marguerite Hoffman, Bethesda, Md.

There aren't words to thank you for your kindness, good humor, and patience in seeing me through the recent weeks. ... I was truly stunned to have such good news. ...Thank you for everything - the recommendations of George Baldwin, Dan Millen, and George Pettie. Most of all, I am grateful for your arranging the flexiblity of my moving date. You are indeed a miracle worker. Loretta Kennan, Bethesda, Md.

I just wanted to thank you for the work you did to get the Rock Run property sold. I think your strategy was good and your hard work at getting the strategy implemented was greatly appreciated. I really believe your effort yielded the highest net price possible that the property could have brought on the market. Thanks for everything you did. I feel that anyone else representing the property would not have done near as good and professional a job on my behalf. Earl Galleher, Potomac, Md.

Thank you for taking such good care of the sale of 6112 Cromwell Drive for my Mother and for me. Your quick response time to every question, problem, and concern was greatly appreciated. It was hard to really say goodbye to Woodacres (and Green Acres) after all those years but you helped make it a lot easier. Kathryn Gallagher, Bethesda, Md.

The 'Luck of the Irish' was mine the day I met you. I asked only for 2 things - don't let me do anything dumb that my siblings would criticize and let it be easily divisible by 4. You accomplished both! Thanks for everything you did to make it all go so smoothly. Mary Hamill, Bethesda, Md.

We want you to know how grateful we are to you for helping us through it all (purchase and sale) with such a high degree of skill and such good grace. You almost made it all seem easy. To think that you found this place for us --- a place that fitted our needs and our tastes almost perfectly --- then three days later brought us a buyer for our (big) Bethesda house, says more about you and your professional skills than it does about our smarts or any kind of luck factor. At every stage of the process --- searching, financing,the various legal issues --- you were there for us invariably guiding us with knowledge and good judgment. I spent many years in the TV News jungle, as the Executive Producer of the MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour and you come to about people: the good ones, the bright ones, the talented ones, and the honorable ones. We quickly figured out that we had signed on with a man who knew his business very well, and a man we could trust. Turning over the commission check was quite frankly a joy. Al and Liz Vecchione, Cabin John Md.

We want to thank you for the quick efficient way you handled the sale of our home. It was almost mind boggling the speedy way it was sold! Charlie and Carolyn Ludwig, Gaithersburg, Md.

Having met a rather large number of agents in the past, we realize that all agents are not "created equal"! As soon as we knew of our forthcoming move, there was no doubt in our minds whom to call upon. It was very comforting for us to have such an experienced and knowledgeable and thoughtful person guide us each step of the way. Thanks again for all you have done for us and don’t forget I want a picture of you next to our "Under Contract" sign!" Barbara Silsby, Bethesda Md.

Thank you so very much for your constant help and concern with Avalon Ct. You made the renting and selling of the house such a pleasure. It could not have gone so easy and worry free with anyone else! Your guidance throughout the years is, and always will be, very much appreciated. Debi Boone Meisel

Just a note of thanks for the way you handled the sale of Elgin Lane. The entire transaction was handled in a very low-key but effective manner for which I am very thankful. Several of the neighbors have expressed to me their thanks for the consideration you have shown them. You have helped immeasurably. Elizabeth S. Gould, Lake Ridge, VA.

Now that the dust has settled and I am back in Boston, I couldn’t do anything else until I wrote to thank you for everything you did for my parents and me during the recent sale of their home. My mother was overwhelmed by the whole real estate parade and decided that maybe selling the house wasn’t the best idea and my father agreed. Then YOU arrived. You sized up the house, told us the problems and gave us what sounded like a selling price we could live with. But most important to me, you seemed to sense my parents’ fragility, and you were respectful of it. As soon as you left after our first meeting, my mother announced that she would consider selling the house if you were the agent (what higher compliment could you want?). Throughout the whole process, it seemed like whenever my parents were ready to give up because it was too much of a hassle, you quietly did what needed to be done. And you gave us, at each point, very sensible and practical advice. Because I could not be there for most of the initial steps, it was life saving to me to have someone there whom we trusted, to smooth over the rough edges and provide the various types of help and advice we needed."Both my mother and father join me in thanking you from the bottom of our hearts for being as good as you are at what you do. Just please know that your name has been spoken reverently by my parents to just about everyone they know! Judy Selden, Boston Mass.

Just a quick note to say thanks for all of your help with both the Mass. Ave. and Redwing properties. We knew buying a house in Bethesda in our price range was going to be a tall order. It if weren’t for the short term lease you arranged and letting us see our new home before it went on the market, we would not have ended up with a house as nice as we now own! Rachel and Doug Loock, Bethesda, Md.

We are now settled in North Carolina and feel we owe much of it to you. Thank you very much for your patience, professionalism and perseverance. You made a potentially difficult move almost effortless. Beth and Bill Tiernan, North Carolina

"We have been thinking of you and how thankful we feel in having you on our side through the whole process. Thanks for your help, especially when it came to presenting a contract. Thank you also for looking out for us when it came to selling our old home too! Alejandra Vallejo and Mark Carnie, Bethesda, Md.

Peggy and I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our new home. We truly appreciate your efforts in coordinating the sale and purchase of our homes. We could always depend on your frank and professional assessments. You definitely earned our trust and respect. We welcome the opportunity to recommend you to our friends and neighbors. Thanks for your honest service and steadfast friendship. Patrick Baskette, Bethesda, Md.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the professional way in which you managed both the rental and sale of our house. I believe the ease (from our point of view) with which both transactions were carried out is in a large measure attributable to your thorough knowledge of Woodacres houses and the market for Woodacres houses, knowledge gained through years of caring about Woodacres. You are truly "Mr. Woodacres," and it makes a difference. If (or hopefully when) we come back, you'll hear from us. Doug and Gretchen Davies, Bethesda, Md.

George Baldwin has successfully filled this huge hole (5') under my stairwell. After the recent heavy rain, there was no water in my basement! Thank you for your valuable help in this project. Mr. Petti was great in diagnosing and George in executing the work. I appreciate your "neighborly advice!! Nancy Burke, Bethesda, Md.

Zach and I feel so fortunate to have worked with you in the purchase of our home. We have no doubt that it was your especially efficient and expert abilities that enabled us to put forth a timely, winning bid in an extremely competitive market. Thank you for providing us with your sound wisdom and with your objective and honest perspective on homes. We are so thriled with the outcome. Nicole and Zach Skelding, Potomac, MD

Matthew Maury is the best agent we could possibly have. He always understands what we are looking for and never wastes our time visiting houses that aren’t real contenders. And best of all, Matthew makes sure all the negotiations and details that surround contracts, inspections, mortgages, are a snap. We always know that Matt will find us the right house and make it easy to get the deal done. Christoper Bigler and Carol Trippe, Bethesda, Md.

Once we purchased our home in Wood Acres, we just assumed that our relationship with Matthew Maury would have concluded. We were wrong on that. He has consistently made the extra effort to introduce us to other members of the community making us feel very much like a part of the Wood Acres family. Marc and Hillary Hausman, Bethesda, Md.

Matthew is more than just a thorough and knowledgeable real estate agent. Not long after we moved into our home, we learned to count on Matthew for advice and information about our home and our neighborhood. He is a trusted resource for us and our neighbors. Ray Treacy and Sara Just Bethesda, Md.

Your encyclopedic knowledge of the local market, comparable sales, etc., must be second to none. You are an asset to the community in so many ways. Mike and Sam Floyd, Bethesda, Md.